Summary of new Projects Summary of new Projects

Project/Procduct Description Link
KISS-ConcepterNG New Frontend of the KISS-Core-Engine  

Goal: Implementation of a modern Frontend and Exploration of the JavaFX-Ui Technology Stack

Core Features:

  • Modern JavaFX based Userinterface
  • Frontend for KISS-Concepter
  • Drag and Drop Dataexchange
  • Rich-Text Features
  • Web-Implementation for External Entitys
KISS-SoupUI4SQL Terminal Based SQL Frontend (Utilitys and Devtools)  

Goal: Terminal based Test and Management Framework with Java-Technology which fill the Gap of the most cool SQL-Frontends

and the Unix-World like ASCII-Terminal SQL-Shells like Mysql-Shell/Oracle Client etc

Core Features:

  • Simple SQL-Query Tool
  • JDBC-Driver Support
  • Unix-UI-Framework for Java "Lanterna"
KISS-SoupUI4Web Terminal Based WebServiceTest (like the orig.SoupUI in Swing)  

Goal: Terminal based Test and Management Framework for Webservices with Java-Technology 

Core Features:

  • Simple Web-Service-Test
  • Load-Test Facility
  • Logging-Facility
  • Support different Types of Request (Soap/Rest/Simple HttpRequest)
  • Unix-UI-Framework for Java "Lanterna"