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Jazz - Locations
Ort Location Genre URL Bewertung
Frankfurt Jazzkeller - Frankfurt Jazz www.jazzkeller.com +++
  Jazz-Lokal "Mampf" Jazz - and More http://www.mampf-jazz.de/  
Darmstadt Jagdhofkeller Jazz www.jagdhofkeller.com +++
Heidelberg Jazz-Keller Jazz-House-HD Follow-Link  
  Karls-Tor-Bahnhof Allg.Kultur Follow-Link  
Mannheim Alte-Feuerwache Allgemein-Kultur Follow Link  

Favorite Music -Saxophone & Co Favorite Music -Saxophone & Co

Resource Bemerkung URL Score
Sax-Improvisation Let it Be - Saxophone Cover Follow-Link  
  Hey-Jude - Saxophone Cover Follow-Link  
  James e Green - How Deep is Your Love Follow-Link  
  James e. Green - Titanic Follow-Link  
  No Woman no Cry - (sax cover) Follow-Link  
Klassiker Die Gedanken sind Frei Follow-Link  
  Morning Has Broken - Original Cat Stevens Follow-Link  
  Moonlight Shadow - Cat Stevens Follow-Link  
  Neill Young - Heart of Gold Follow-Link  
  Knockin on the Heavens Door - Bob Dylan Follow-Link  
  Wild World Cat Stevens Follow-Link  
  Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) Follow-Link  
  Blueprint Filmmusik - Mozarte - Andante Grazio - KK 331 Tema. Andante grazioso Follow-Link  
Collections Relaxing-Sax-Collection YouTube Follow-Link  
  Sax-Solo-Improvisiation Coll. Follow-Link  
  Jazz-Sax-Collection Follow-Link  
Misc.-Records Best of Luis Armstrong Follow-Link  
  Katie Melua - When you Taught to Dance Follow-Link  
  Emilia-Torinia - Sound of Silence Solo Follow-Link  
  Amy Mc Donald - Hallelujah Follow-Link  
  LeAnn Rimes -The Rose Follow-Link  
  Billy-Joel - Piano-Man Follow-Link  
  Ben-E-King - Stand By Me Follow-Link  
  Time to Wonder - Fury in the Slughter House Follow Link  
Classic-Meets-Rock London-Synphony Orchestra-The Eye-Of the Tiger Follow-Link  

The Final Countdown

  London-Synphony - Orchestra- The Wall-(cover) Follow-Link  
  The Gregorians (sound of Silence) Follow-Link  
  Angie (London Synphony orchestra) Follow-Link  
  The Wind Orchestra - Adele 21 Follow-Link  
  The Wind Orchestra - Eye of the Tiger Follow-Link  
  The Wind Orchestra - 50 years James-Bond Follow-Link  
Film-Musik Wie im Himmel - Gabrielas-Song Follow-Link  
  Wie im Himmel - Fly With Me Follow-Link  
  Die Kinder die Monisieur - Mathieu Follow-Link  
  Die Kinder des Monisieur Mathieur - Les rematies Follow-Link  
  Das Boot (Klaus Doldinger) Follow-Link  
  Tatort (Klaus Doldinger) Follow-Link  
  Das Boot (Romania Classic) Follow-Link  
  The Pirates of Caribean (Orchestral version) Follow-Link  
  Star Wars Soundtrack Orchestral Version Follow-Link  
  Blue-Print Soundtrack - Andante grazioso - Solo-Klavierstück - Grandios Follow-Link  
  James Bond Metley Follow-Link  
  Ohh Happy Day - Sister Act Follow-Link  
  The Pink Panther Theme - Henri Mancini Follow-Link  
  1792 - Conquest of Paradise (Vangelis) Follow-Link  
  Nicole Kidman - NIcole Kidman - Nothing Stupid Follow-Link  
  Top Gun - Take my Breathe away Follow-Link  
  Top Gun - Great balls of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis) Follow-Link  
  Pretty Woman - Roy Orbinson Follow-Link  
  Stand By Me - Ben E. King Follow-Link  
  Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelie / van Tiersen Follow-Link  
  Blues Brothers - Everybody needs... Follow-Link  
  Movie Music Collection (YouTube) Follow-Link  
Unplugged-Classics Eric-Clapton - Tears in Heaven Follow-Link  
  Eric-Clapton - Layla Follow-Link  
  Roxette- Listen To Your Heard Follow-Link  
  Roxette - Spending my Time Follow-Link  
  Roxette - Fading like the Flowers Follow-Link  
  Roxette - Church of your Heard Follow-Link  
  Roxette - Hearts of Gold Follow-Link  
  Soul Asylum - Runnaway Train Follow-Link  
  The Cardigans - Lovefoul Follow-Me  
Einzelne Künstler      
  Adele - Something like you... Follow-Link  
  Adele - Roling in the Deep Follow-Link  
  Adele - Water under Bridge Follow-Link  
  Leann Rimes - Amazing Grace Follow-Link  
  Queen - We are the Champions Follow-Link  
  Queen - The Show must Goon... Follow-Link  
  Grönemeyer - Mensch live Follow-Link  
  Grönemeyer - Der Weg Follow-Link  
  Meat Loaf - What i can do anything for love... Follow-Link  
  Meat Loaf - paradise by Dashboard life Follow Link  
  Gregorian - The Rose Follow-Link  
  Gregorian - My heart will go on... (titanic) Follow-Link  
  Flying Pickets -

Wonderful World

  Flying - Pickets - only the lonely Follow-Me  
  Flying Picketes... only you Follow-Me  
  Whig-Field - Saturday Night Follow-Me  
Musical - Best of      
  Lion King (Elton John) Follow-Link  
  Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Show Follow-Link  
  The Rocky Horror Show Intro Follow-Link  
  Dont Cry For me Argentina (Madonna) Follow-Link  
  Cats Musical - original Follow-Link  
  Smetana - Die Moldau Follow-Link  
  Also Sprach Zarathustra Follow-Link  
  Karl Orff Carmina Burana Follow-Link  
  Ravel Follow-Link  
Van Tiersen The Amazing Short Follow-Link  
  Piano - Lullaby - Very Cool Solo Follow-Link  

Chubby Checker

Twist Again Follow-Link  
Neil Sekada Oh Carol Follow-Link  
Ben E. King Stand By Me (HQ-Record) Follow-Link  
Bill Withers Lean on Me Follow-Link  
Percy Sledge When a Men loves a Woman Follow-Link  
Aretha Franklin I say a little prayer Follow-Link  
Tina Turner Rolling on the River Follow-Link  
  Simply the Best Follow-Link  
Scott McCancie San Fransisco Follow-Link  
  Hope of Deliverance    
Georgy Harrison Sweet Lord Follow-Link  
John Miles Music was my first Love Follow Linke    
Alphaville Forever Young Follow - Link  


Hallelujah - special edition - wunderfull voice Follow-Link  
  Sound of Silence cover Follow-Link  
Film-Wie Im Himmel: Klassische - Orchester-Version aus "Wie im himmel" - Gabrielas song Follow-Link  
Tracey Chapman Forgive Me Follow-Link  
Tracey Chapman und Pavarotti Forgive Me Follow-Link  
Pavaroitti und James  Brown

It's a man's world

Celine Dion plus Canadian Tenos Hallelujah Akapella Follow-Link  
Bette Middler und Co Great What a wonderfull World Follow-Link  
Nouela The Sound of Silence - Genius Edition Follow-Link  
Vanessa Carlton thousand Miles... Follow-Link  
Joan Osboarn

What If God Was One Of Us

Hozier Take me in the Church Great !!! Follow-Link  
Joan Baez Sag mir wo die Blumen sind... Follow-Link  
Bettina Wegener Kinder... Follow-Link  

Extreme - More Than Words

Tatoo basel Amazing grace Follow-Link  
Scottish version Im gonna bee Follow-Link  
the pretenders i m gonna be (orig) Follow-Link  
  Paint it black (vietnam anti -war song) Follow-Link  
The stones Paint in black (original stones) Follow-Link  
  Sommer of 69 Follow-Link  
Sould Classics Go Down Moses - Saxophon Jewels (Sax-Duo)-Genius Follow-Link  
  Go Down Moses - Luis Armstrong Follow-Link  

Slow/Romantic/Coffeehouse Music - Saxophone Collections Slow/Romantic/Coffeehouse Music - Saxophone Collections

Artist Title Link
Unbekannte Compilation Romantic Saxophone Follow-Me
Misc Top 5 Saxophone Covers - Collection Follow-Me
Misc 4 Hours romantic Saxophone Music Follow-Me
Misc Saxophone-Instrumental-Mix Follow-Me
Misc Guitar Music Mix (YouTube) Follow-Me

Film und Musikdatenbanken Film und Musikdatenbanken

Flashmob-Specials unsorted! Flashmob-Specials unsorted!

Location Artist-Title Link
Freiburg-FM Led Zeppelin -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CznVWQTf04E
München-Staudinger VOXXCLUB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y_VqqXphaQ
Bawü-Kaufhaus Queen-Bohemian-Rapsody https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZt5f-ChMsM
Vienna Carmina Burana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJNp5UKRtbQ
Spain Bolero (Ravel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILNDWCLVnpw


Webcontent-Anzeige Webcontent-Anzeige

Scope Topic Content
  Queen Download
Misc Highlights(not categorized    
Gospel Elements Soweto Music Chor Download


Best of 90s Best of 90s

Genre Artist Links
  For non Blondes - Whats up Follow-Me
  Skorpions - The Wind of Change -- Offen --
  Mr. Big to Be with you follow-me
  Cranberies - Zombie Follow-Me
Fools Garden Lemmon-Tree Follow-ME
  NoDoubt√- Dont Speak Follow-Me
  Breafast at Tifanys Follow-Me
  REM - Loosing My Religion Follow Me
  The Wall Pink Floyd Follow-Me
  We are the World / misc Follow-Me
  Spin Doctors - Two Princes Follow-Me
  Alanis Morisette - Ironic Follow-Me
  Spice Girls - Wannabe my Lover... Follow-Me
  Robin Beck - Tears in the Rain Follow-Me
  Robin Beck - The Very first Time (coca cola song) Follow-Me
  TORN - Natalie Impruglia Follow-Me
  I dont like - Mondays Follow-Me
  Lighthouse - Family - High Follow-Me
  Fury in the Sloughterhouse Follow-Me
  U2 without U Follow-Me
  Alphaville - Foreveryoung Follow-Me
Sax-Specials James E.Green - Wind of Change (Sax-alto) Follow-Me
  James E. Green. Total-Eclipseof Heart (Bonnie Typler) Follow-Me
  James E. Green Bee-Gees "Too much heaven" Follow-Me
  James E. Green Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight Follow-Me
  James E. Green Kenny-Rogers (Through the Years) Follow-Me
  James E. Green The Carpenters Close to You Me Follow-Me
  James E. Green - (One Moment in Time) - Whitney Youston Follow-Me
  James E. Green - Imagine (John Lennon) Follow-Me
  James E Green - Without you (Maria Carey) Follow-Me
  James E. Green Titanic Song - Your heart will gon On (Celine Dion) Follow-Me

James E. Green Let it Be

  James E.Green - Purple Rain (Prince) Follow-Me
  James E.Green - Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinnead o Conner rev.) Follow-Me
  James E.Green - Stairway to Heaven Follow-Me
  James E.Green - Total Eclipse to your Heart Follow-Me
  James E.Green - Sweet Dreams () Follow-Me
  James E.Green - Hard to Say Sorry Chicago Follow-Me
  James E.Green - Can you feel the love tonight (Elton John / Lion King) Follow-Me
  James E.Green - I Startet a Joke (Bee Gees) Follow-Me
  James E.Green - What a wonderfull World (Armstrong) Follow-Me
  James E.Green - Falling in Love () Follow-Me
  James E.Green Heavan - Bryan Adams Follow-Me
  I m Sailing (Rod Steward) - Sax Solo Follow-Me
  Hey Jude (Alto-Sax) - Beatles Follow-Me
  Hotel California (The Eagles) Follow-Me
  Billi Jean is not my Lover (Mikel Jackson) Follow-Me
  No Woman no Cry (original from Bob Marley) Follow-Me
  We are The World Follow-Me
  Hallelujah - Special Alto Sax Solo (Leonard Cohen) Follow-Me
  Hallelujah - Best Record Sax Follow-Me
  Halleluha die 3. Follow-Me
  We are the World (Mikel Jackson) Follow-Me
  I believe i can Fly Follow-Me
  Queen Rapsody - Sax-Interpretation Follow-Me
  Rolling-Stones - Angie (Sax-Solo) Follow-Me
  Stand By Me - Sax-Solo Follow-Me
  Best of 90´s  
  Sax-Collections (3Hrs Jill out) Follow-Me
  Smooth-Sax-Collection Follow-Me
Wanderwall-Col Witch-Craft Follow-Me
  Just-More Follow-Me
Emilia Big-Big World Follow-Me
Enigma Return to Innosence Follow-Me
Pink-Floyd Another Brick in the Wall Follow-Me
  I wish you where here Follow-Me

Another day in Paradise

  I cant dance Follow-Me
  Dance into the light Follow-Me
  I cant stop loving you Follow-Me
Bryan Adams Please forgive Me Follow-Me
Bryan Adams, Rod Steward, Sting All-For Love Follow-Me
Eric Clapton, Sting, Phil Collins - Special Money for Nothing Follow-Me
BB-King / Clapton Concert - The Thrill is gone... Follow-Me
Joe Cocker Unchaint my hard Follow-Me
  You are so Beautiful to me Follow-Me
  You can leave your hat on Follow-Me
Bee Gees How Deep is your love Follow-Me
  More than a woman Follow-Me
  Stay in the live Follow-Me
Bee Gees plus Celine Dione Immortalty Follow-Me
Robbi Williams Shes the One Follow-Me
  An Angel Follow-Me
Bon Jovie Always Follow-Me
Fury in the Sloughterhouse Time to wonder Follow-Me
Police / Sting Every Breathe you Take Follow-Me
U2 Without you Follow-Me
Four non Blondes Whats Up Follow-Me
Unbekannt Ryhtm is the dancer Follow-Me
Culture-Beat Mr.Vain Follow-Me
  Crying-in the Rain Follow-Me
Prince-Ital-Joe <to-be-clarify> Follow-Me
Dr.Alban Its my life Follow-Me
  Sing Hallelujah Follow-Me
Ace of base All That she wants Follow-Me
Simply Red Fair-Ground Follow-Me
  Stars Follow-Me

Holding Back The Years

Supertramp Logical Song Follow-Me
  Its Raining Again Follow-Me
  Dreamer Follow-Me
  Take the Long Way Home Follow-Me
Phil Collins Both Sides of the Story Follow-Me
Scorpions Send me an Angel Follow-Me
Chorus - Special Everthing-You Beathe (Police Cover) Follow-Me
  Heal the World (micel jackson Cover) Follow-Me
Bonjove Hallelujah Very Cool Version Follow-Me
Dune Lets Go Hand in Hand... Follow-Me
Bon Jovi Bed of Roses Follow-Me
Rea Garvey Its a Good Life Follow-Me
Lindsey Sterling Collection youtube Follow-Me
Bette Midler, Meryl Streep Wonderfull world special arrangement Follow-Me
Ramon  Supergirl Follow-Me
Amy Mc.Donald This is the life Follow-Me
Amy Mc. Donald Mr. Rockn Roll Follow-Me
Misc Radio Jewels Shakesbear sisters - Stay Follow-Me
  Bonny Tyler  Follow-Me
Offspring Self esteem Follow-
Emilia Torini Ruby Tuesday Follow-Me



Nix-Für Schwache Nerven HardRock Nix-Für Schwache Nerven HardRock

Artist/Group Title Link
AC-DC TNT Follow-Link
  Hells-Bells Follow-Link
  Highway to Hell Follow-Link
  Thunder Follow-Link
  Rock´n Roll Train Follow-Link
Blind Guardian    
  Mr.Sandman Follow-Link
  The Bart Song Follow-Link
  Surf in the USA Follow-Link
  Barbara Ann Follow-Link
Guns´n Roses November Rain Follow-Link
Metallica Nothing else Metters Follow Link
In Extremo Herr Mannelig Follow Link
Special Mixtures    
  Queen "Bohemian Rapsody" - meets Elton John, Axel Rose, Queen Band Follow-Link
  ACDC "Thunderthruck" - meets Axel-Rose <Genius!!!!> Folllow-Link

Best of 70/6ßs Best of 70/6ßs

Artist Title Link
The Mamas and the Papas A Dream of Me little Dream of you Follow-Link
  California Dreaming Follow-Link
The Animals

The House of the Rising Sun

  Hit the Road - Classicer Follow-Link

Deutsche-Klassiker Deutsche-Klassiker

Artist/Group Song Link
Silbermond Irgendwas bleibt Follow-Link
  Das Beste Follow-Link
  Synphonie Follow-Link
Helden Denkmal Follow-Link
  Nur ein Wort Follow-Link
Juli Die Perfekte Welle Follow-Link
  Geile Zeit Follow-Link
Herbert Grönemyer Hab Dich lieb So lieb Follow-Link
  Glück Follow-Link
  Der Weg Follow-Link
Phillip Poisel Wie soll ich das Ertragen Follow-Link
Anna Depenbusch Tim liebt Tina Follow-Link
  Der Mann für Mich Follow-Link
Annette Louisanne Ich will doch nur spielen Follow-Link
  Das Gefühl Follow-Link
  Das Liebeslied Follow-Link

Ich bin ich (Wir sind wir)

  Gib mir Sonne Follow-Link
  Auch im Regen Follow-Link

Onle for Jule - The Abba-Special Onle for Jule - The Abba-Special

Artist Song Link
Abbba The Winner Follow-Link
  Dancing-Queen Follow-Link
  Mamma Mia Follow-Link
  I have a Dream Follow-Link
  Gimme Gimme Gimme Follow-Link

Special Artists Special Artists

Artist Title Link
Katie Melua

i will be there

Follow Me
  I will be There (live on Queens Conoation) Follow Me
  I will be there (Concert editon) Follow-Me
  the closest thing to be cracy Follow Me
  What a wonderfull World Follow-Me
  Blowing in the Wind Follow-Me
  Moonshine Follow-Me
  Just like Heaven Follow-Me
  Call of Search Follow-Me
  When you toaght to Dance Follow-Me
Maybepop Die Gedanken sind frei... Follow-Me
AmyMacdonald This is life Follow-Me
Adele Someone like you Follow-Me
  Set fire in the Rain Follow-Me
  Rolling in the Deep Follow-Me
Bee Gees Too Much Heaven Follow-Me
Saxophone Compilations 4 Relax    
  Smooth Saxophone... Follow-Me
  4 Hours. Relax. Sax. Musik... Follow-Me

Hannah Trigwell live cover

Hallelujahh Follow-Me
  Torn - impruglia Cover Follow-Me
Deep Purple Smoke on the Water Follow-Me
Sarah Straub

"blueprint" (Rainbirds Cover) LIVE Chili 2009

Celtic Girls best of Album Follow-Me
Hanna Tigwell Hallelujuhaa Follow-Me
Cornelius Chor Africa ! Follow-Me
Lindsay Stirling Master of Tide Follow-Me
  Halleluja Follow-Me
  Phanton of the Opera Follow-Me
  Boulevard of the Broken Dreams Follow-Me
Pink Floyd Keep Talking Follow-Me

Classic-Music Jewels Classic-Music Jewels


Title Link
Classic Genius pieces

Waltz No. 2 - The Second Waltz (by Dmitri Shostakovich) PIANO COVER by Destiny Cross

  Flash-Mob Camina Burana Follow-Me
  Flash-Mob Ravel Follow-Me

Bohemian Rhapsody for Symphony Orchestra and Solo Viola - THE STUDIO RECORDING

  The Imperial (Starwars-Trilogy-Soundtrack) - Orchestral Version Follow-Me
  Take on Me (Aha) - Classic interpretation Follow-Me


Alternative Songs Alternative Songs

Artist Title Link
Joan Betz The Answer is blowing in the Wind Follow-Link
  The Answer is blowing in the Wind (german) Follow-Link
  500 Miles Follow-Link
  Best of Joan Betz Follow-Link
Bettina Wegner

Kinder (Sind so kleine Hände)

  No Woman No Cry Follow-Link

Church Music/Gospel Highlights Church Music/Gospel Highlights

Topic Titel Link
  oh happy day Follow-Link
  go down moses Follow-Link
  amazing grace Follow-Link
  Von Wunderbaren Mächten wunderbar geborgen Follow-Link
  Africa - Chorus Edition Follow-Link
  Where the lion sleep tonight - chorus Edition Follow-Link

Xahphoon - Highlights Xahphoon - Highlights


Scope Theme Link
Henri Mancini The Pink Panther Theme Follow Me
Gipsy Kings

 A Mi Manera

Follow Me
Luis Armstring What a wunderfull World Follow Me


Special Tools or ConVerter Special Tools or ConVerter

Descirption / Name Source/Destination
You-Tube-Downloading - Service http://www.clipconverter.cc/
Mediathek-Download-Tool https://sourchttps://sourceforge.net/projects/zdfmediathk/?source=typ_redirecteforge.net/projects/zdfmediathk/?source=typ_redirect
MP3 CD Ripper Comming soon
FFMpeg-Converter Comming Soon
Open-Source-Music-Editor https://musescore.org/de
MusicML - Music Modeling Language https://www.musicxml.com/de/music-in-musicxml/
Facebook-Download-Video-Tool http://www.fbdown.net/index.php
Youtube-MP3-Convert http://www.youtube-mp3.org/

Crazy-Music Stuff Crazy-Music Stuff

Crazy Piano Stuff  
Grant Piano Player with limited fingers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyK_o_tRtuM
XXL Piano Dance Performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_7nKmt1SlU  
Piano Pience form Wunder bare welt der Amelie - Piano - Very Special https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw3yycwptkw
The Pink Panther - Theme - Henri Mancini - By Foot huge piano https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8UgMC0fD8Q
Crazy Animal Music Stuff  
Crazy Movie Music pieces  
Classical Ghost - Busters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=men2LVHd9wg


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Upcoming Events Upcoming Events

Festival/Event Schedule URL

Self-Made-Music-Specials Self-Made-Music-Specials

Subject Title Link
Self Made-Music Unbelievable... Father and his Doughter Follow-Me

Selected Jazz Titles... Selected Jazz Titles...

Title/Album Artist FPS YTS

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