Agile-Software-Entwicklung Themensammlung Agile-Software-Entwicklung Themensammlung

Scope Title Link
Agile Themen Allgemein    
  Agile-Atlas Follow-Link
  Scrum Explained in 15min Follow-Link
  Scrum - Book (original) Download
  Scrum - Auf Bierdeckel (OpenBook) Download
  Scrum - Reference Card Download
  Scrum - Terms Glossary Download
  Scrum - Guidelines Download
Scrum - Learning Material / Certifcation    
  Scrum-Certified-Product Owner - Outline Download
Special Books Behavior-Driven Developement -- only for members
  User-Story-Mapping -- only for members
  Specification by Example -- only for members
  Kanban in Action -- only for members
  Kanban - Openbook Download
The Agile Process    
  The Agile Manifest Download
  Agile-Methodolgys / Comparision Download
Testmanagement und QA    
  CT-Artikel - Testmanagement Download
  ISTQB-Terms Glossar Download
Process Planning Support Scrum-Planning Sheet Download
  Scrum Process - Plan Download
Online-Applikationen für Agile Prozesse    
  Online-Scrum-Board Follow-Me
  Project Planing Tool for Agile Procs Follow-Me

Resourses / Books and more Resourses / Books and more

Scope Title Description
Scrum Deutsche Scrum - Community Follow-Link
  Internationale Scrum Alliance Follow-Link
BDD Behavior Driven Developement -- Description of the book todo
User-Story-Mapping User Story Mapping Book  
  -- in preparation --  

Continues Delivery / Continues Integration meets Agile Process Continues Delivery / Continues Integration meets Agile Process

Epics-Story-Features Understanding Structures Epics-Story-Features Understanding Structures